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Vending & Inventory Management Systems

Help your bottom line with our automated inventory management systems powered by Auto Tool Crib® by Coast Tool and CribMaster™. Bring a new level of refinement to your inventory tracking and procurement processes.


Auto Tool Crib by Coast Tool is designed for small to medium manufacturing operations

  • Auto Procurement - never run out of key items or supplies. 
  • User friendly interface with product images.
  • Custom, scheduled and on-demand reporting
  • Simple and secured log in process via Barcode Badge.
  • Ability to make quick database adjustments (min-max levels, descriptions, pictures etc.) right at the machine.
  • Free up cash tied up in tools spread out throughout your facility by consolidating inventory in strategically placed cabinet(s).

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Let us take away the risk of running out of key tools or supplies!

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CribMaster Vending Systems can store everything from small items like carbide inserts, taps or endmills, to larger items like tool holders and chuck jaws. They can offer you some impressive benefits, including:

  • Point-of-use dispensing that is ideal for the internal distribution of high-use inventory or any type of indirect material.
  • Store an array of inventory from small items such as cutting tools, inserts, or batteries to larger items like kits and hand tools.
  • High-capacity storage in a small footprint efficiently utilizing space in your facility.
  • Create user accountability and receive the critical data you need, so that you can take a proactive approach to overuse or tool misplacement, saving you money.
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